Best for you Heng Fang Pro Light Beauty Fashion make-up series, lip Glaze & Mascara & Eye liner

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  • Package Included:
  • 2 x Lip-glaze
  • 1 x Mascara
  • 1 x Eyeliner Super worth it
  • Cute small gift pack
  • Fashion makeup series
  • Matte colour
  • Waterproof
  • Standard size
Lipsticks Smooth, up to standard color, does not feel heavy on lips, Super-toned skin color, no fussy skin. Lip-gloss, MASCARA, The design makes the eyelashes thick, curvy, and so on. Resistant to water, sweat, helps sparkle eyes all day long. Super tough mascara. Sitting elegant, sharp, thin eyes, the pen tip design is easy to draw. She has just practiced make up. The eye liner is super water resistant.